>MBA update


This evening I defended my thesis. For the most part it was a formality. I think I knew I had it in the bag, so to speak, but I still found myself nervous all day. It went well, and other than needing to make a few minor corrections to my thesis and getting copies at Kinkos and turning them in, I am finally finished with my Master of Business Administration. Yeah!



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12 responses to “>MBA update

  1. >I checked your blog tonight just too see if you had a post about defending your thesis….congratulations!!!

  2. >Congratulations, Tucker. So, now do we have to call you “Master” twice over?

  3. >Thank you all for your comments. And Brian, you don’t have to call me master, but if you do it will be much appreciated.

  4. meg

    >We heard about it last night from your other half and we are both sending huge congrats your way!And honestly, can I just say, I am very interested in having a chat where you tell me all about it…it’s such an intriguing subject.

  5. >Meg, I’d be happy to chat anytime. You know I can talk.

  6. meg

    >that’s it. a deal is forming. I’m planning a dinner. You can be the star attraction!

  7. >well… you know I can eat.

  8. >Tucker, you know I love and admire ya……but I will never call you “Master.” ;-)Congrats, buddy.

  9. >Damian, thanks. If not “Master” then “O Captain! My Captain!” will do.

  10. >Congratulations, Tucker! That’s great news. I was wondering: what was the topic of your thesis?

  11. >Girish, thanks for the congrats.My thesis is about how capitalism, in itself, is insufficient to address the problem of the poor treatment of many workers in global supply chains. I argue that a higher moral ethic or principle is required.

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